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Billing Policies

Monthly Subscription Plan Billing Schedule 

Individual and Family Monthly Subscription Plans are billed in full at the time of purchase and auto-renew monthly until the plan is cancelled.

  • Monthly subscriptions auto-renew on the date the subscription was created.
  • For subscriptions purchased on the last day of a month, auto-renewal dates depend on whether that same day exists in a subsequent month.
Purchase DateAuto-Renewal Date
1st - 28th Same day in subsequent calendar month
(ex: Jan 11, Feb 11, March 11, etc)
29th 29th of each month

If a month does not have 29 days, then the last day of that month
(ex: Jan 29, Feb 28, then March 29, etc)
30th 30th of each month

If month does not have 30 days, then the last day of that month
(ex: Jan 30, Feb 28, then March 30, etc)
31st 31st of each month

If month does not have 31 days, then the last day of that month
(ex: Jan 31, Feb 28, then March 31, etc)


Updating Credit Card

Account holders may update and save credit card information at any time. Once changed, any new charges will be billed to the updated card.

Paid Plan Changes

Account holders may change their plan by selecting “Change Plan” under the Manage Subscriptions tab in their account profile. Available plan options and effective dates vary based on selection. Once anew plan is chosen, an Order Summary page will display the new billing amount and effective date. Account holders are expected to review all charges before accepting.

Paid Plan Cancellation

There are no full nor partial refunds issued for Paid Access. You may cancel your monthly subscription plan at any time. If cancelling, you will retain access to NormanMD services through the end of your current billing cycle. Your plan will not auto-renew.