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Patient Stories

We are honored to impact so many lives. Hear what our patients have to say about the care delivered by NormanMD physicians.

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Various images of patients using the NormanMD app

Thor's story

NormanMD is a great resource!  It's been great to be able take care of my medical needs no matter where I am.

NormanMD easily fits into a busy schedule, and offered Thor a convenient way to help him deal with issues that needed immediate attention but weren't serious enough to warrant a doctor visit.

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Gwen's story

The NormanMD doctor dispelled my anxiety. It was very soothing.

After Googling her symptoms at 3 a.m., Gwen imagined the worst.  But thanks to a chat with a doctor on NormanMD, she was able to get on the right path to feeling better.

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Chelsy's story

It really, really helped to have the reassurance.

Chelsy developed an itchy dry red rash on her fingers two weeks before her wedding.  She sent a secure chat to the NormanMD doctor and was able to get a prescription for an ointment.  Two weeks later, her hands were picture-perfect for her wedding.

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Kimberly's story

NormanMD gave me the confidence and reassurance I didn't fail my child.

Accidents usually happen when you’re most unprepared. That’s what happened to Kim and her family when a pot of scalding tea spilled on her young son. Luckily, an NormanMD doctor was there for them to provide medical advice and peace of mind.

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